This tutorial will show you how to find online courses.

All of SUU's online sections are delivered through the Canvas LMS (learning management system). SUU has at least one online course available in every General Education category except Student Success.

The SUU Online™ department offers several online courses and degree programs. One way to find online courses is to search through the SUU courses and find these courses individually. To help you identify these courses, online sections have been given a unique section number that ends in I.

Undergraduate: 30I, 31I, 32I, etc. Example: BIOL-1610-30I

Graduate: 70I, 71I, 72I, etc. Example: AA-6010-70I

Screenshot of an online course in the course search.

Additionally, SUU Online™ has created an easier method to identify which classes are offered online. These course lists can be accessed at https://www.suu.edu/graduatestudies/undergraduatestudies/schedules.html

Use the links in red boxes at the top of the page to sort for the appropriate semester.

Screenshot of the options in red boxes.

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