You can quickly and easily link your Canvas account to your Google Drive account.

Step 1

Select the Account button in the pane on the left. Then select Settings.

Screenshot of the toolbar in the top right corner of Canvas.

Step 2

Scroll down and select Google Drive under the Other Services section.

Screenshot of the Google Docs service.

Step 3

In the Authorize Google Drive pop-up box that appears, select Authorize Google Drive Access.

Screenshot of the Authorize Google Docs window.

Step 4

If you are not already logged into your Gmail account, you will be asked to log in. Otherwise, it will recognize your account, and you will be able to select Allow.

Screenshot of the Allow Access window.

Step 5

If you have successfully linked your Canvas and Gmail account, you will see Google Drive listed under registered services.

Screenshot of the Registered Services section.

For instructions on submitting a file from your Google Drive to an assignment, go to the Upload from Google Docs section of the Submitting Documents for Assignments tutorial.


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