This tutorial will introduce you to your personal Canvas settings. To learn how to add a Profile Picture visit here. For more advanced tutorials on setting up your personal setting please see the Instructure Tutorials.

Navigating to Your Personal Settings

Select the Account button in the pane on the left and then select Settings. The rest of this tutorial outlines the settings on this page.

Screenshot of Your Name.

Add Contact Method

To add another e-mail address or a text messaging number, select Add Email Address or Add Contact Method in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of the Ways to Contact section.

Change Display Name and/or Time Zone

Select Edit Settings in the pane on the right. Type in your display name. Use the dropdown menu to select your time zone. Then select Update Settings.

Screenshot of the Edit Settings button.

Screenshot of the name and time zone editing section.

Download Submissions

To download all of the files you have uploaded to Canvas as assignments in past and current courses, select Download Submissions in the pane on the right. The files will download in a zip folder.

Screenshot of the Download Submissions button.

Select Create Export to export all of the submissions that have been submitted up to the present time. To re-download a zip file you downloaded before, select Click here to download next to the appropriate date and time.

Screenshot of the Create Export button.

Register Web Services

In the middle of the page, register any of the following web services or social networks for which you already have accounts:

1) Google Docs (online office suite for collaboration)

2) Skype (audio/video calling)

3) Twitter (microblogging/instant messaging/social networking)

4) Delicious (online bookmarking and sharing)

Screenshot of the Web Services section.

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