This tutorial will show you how to add your cell phone number to your Canvas account to receive notifications via text message.

Step 1

Select the Account button in the pane on the left. Then select Settings.

Screenshot of the toolbar in the top right corner of Canvas.

Step 2

Select Add Contact Method in the pane on the right.

Screenshot of the Add Contact Method button.

Step 3

A Register Communication box will appear. Under the Text (SMS) Tab, enter your country, cell number, and carrier. The SMS Email field will fill in automatically. Select Register SMS to save.

Screenshot of the Register Communication window.

Step 4

A four-character Confirmation Code will be sent to your device. Enter the Confirmation Code in the new pop-up box. Select Confirm.
Screenshot of the confirmation window.

Step 5

If you have successfully linked your Canvas and Mobile device, you will see your number and SMS listed under Other Contacts.

Screenshot of the Other Contacts section.

If you wish to delete your number, simply select the trash can icon.

Screenshot of the garbage can icon.

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