This tutorial will show you how to add an email address to Canvas and make it the default email address. Canvas sends notifications to your default email address.

Step 1

After logging into Canvas, select the Account button in the pane on the left. Then select Settings.

Screenshot of the toolbar in the top right corner of Canvas.

Step 2

Select Add Email Address on the right.

Screenshot of the Add Email Address button.

Step 3

Enter your email address in the box and select Register Email. Screenshot of the Register Communication window.

Step 4

After you have registered your email, select Ok, Thanks.

Screenshot of the Confirm Email Address window.

Step 5

You will receive a confirmation email at the newly added address. Select the link in the email to verify the address.

Step 6

Select the checkmark next to the new email address to finalize the verification.

To make the email address the default email address, select the star to the left of the address. If you only have one email address in Canvas, it will automatically have the star next to it.

Screenshot of a small black star.


We have seen situations in which a user's Canvas username was automatically set as the default email address. Users WILL NOT receive any emails with this setting. Check your settings to make sure this hasn't happened to you. If it has, simply add the correct email address, move the star to it, and then delete the username.

HINT: In order to remove an email address, you must have at least one other email address associated with your account before deleting the old one.

Screenshot of the Ways to Contact section.

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