The new wifi connection process for guests on campus starts here.  Please select the guest option.  You will need to provide a phone number for the text option and an a valid e-mail. You can onboard your device, or connect directly to SUU with the username and password you were given via text or e-mail.  This guest account is valid for 3 weeks.  Eduroam wifi is also now available to visitors on campus.  If you are on campus you can also onboard your device by connecting to SUU-Guest wifi portal and completing the process.  Connect to SUU-Guest and open a web browser.  Safari (preferred for IOS-Mac), or chrome browser and you will be directed to the onboard page.  You may need to select advanced and proceed to be redirected to the landing page. The suu-conference option will be available until August 2019 and then phased out.

How to obtain the password for SUU-conference:

1) Your campus event host will provide you with the password.

2) Any faculty/staff member can look it up.

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