The Homepage is the first page your students will see when they access your course. This tutorial will explain the various options and how to use them.

Step 1

Open your course and select the Home tool in the navigation pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Home tool.

Step 2

Select the Choose Home Page button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Choose Home Page option.

Click one of the following links for more information. 

The Pages Front Page option displays a page that you create yourself and mark as the homepage.

Screenshot of the Pages option.

Option 1

In any individual page, the settings menu now offers to use as front page option. Select the gear icon then, select Use a Front Page. Front pages are home pages.

Option 2

Step A

Next to Pages Front Page you will see the title of the current page that is set as the front page. To choose a different page or create a new one to be the front page, select Change.

Screenshot of the Change button.

Step B

To set a page you have already created as the front page, select the gear on the right side and select Use as Front Page.

Screenshot of the Use as Front Page option.

Step C

To create a new page to be the front page, select the blue + Page button in the top right corner. Add content to the page and then select Save & Publish.

Screenshot of the +Page button.

Screenshot of the Save & Publish button.

Step D

Select View All Pages.

Screenshot of the View All Pages button.

Step E

Find your newly created page, select the gear and then select Use as Front Page. Select the following link for more information on creating pages:

Screenshot of the Use as Front Page option.

Course Activity Stream

Your first option is Course Activity Stream. This option displays recent notifications.

Screenshot of the Choose Home Page window.

Screenshot of the course stream.

The next option is Course Modules. This option displays the same content as the Modules tool.

Screenshot of the Course Modules option.

Screenshot of the modules window.

Assignments List

The Assignments List option displays the same content as the Assignments tool.

Screenshot of the Assignments List option.

Screenshot of the Assignments list.

The final option is Syllabus. Selecting this option will make your homepage display the syllabus.

Screenshot of the Syllabus option.

Screenshot of the syllabus.

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