Have a question about Canvas? Is something not working? Contact an SUU Online representative directly through Canvas by submitting a Help ticket.

Step 1

Log in to your Canvas account and then select the blue Help button in the pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Help button.

Step 2

Select Report a Problem.

Screenshot of the Report a Problem option.

Step 3

Type in a subject and description of your question or problem.

Select the Jing link to download Jing and use it to include a screenshot or video of the problem you're experiencing. We highly recommend including a screenshot or video because they help us understand the problem faster. Go to https://help.suu.edu/article/1808/jing for detailed instructions on using Jing. Note: you cannot attach screenshots/videos that have been saved to your computer to a ticket, so select the Share option instead of the Save option after you take a screenshot/record a video and paste the link in the ticket instead.

Use the dropdown menu to select the urgency of your ticket and then select Submit Ticket.

Screenshot of a sample Help ticket.

Your ticket will be sent to Online Teaching and Learning, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


SUU Online Teaching & Learning
(435) 865-8555

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