Scores Missing from Gradebook

If scores are missing from the grade book, the most likely issue is that the Use this rubric for grading rubric option is not selected. Edit the rubric and select that option to include the scores in the grade book.

Screenshot of the rubric option.


Why do Banner Grades Not Match Canvas Grades?

Does your Canvas grade book say one thing, but Banner says another? If your students' grades in Canvas aren't consistent with the grades that were published in Banner, the problem can most likely be fixed by replacing dashes and/or unmuting assignments.

Replacing Dashes

In the Canvas grade book, dashes are placeholders for grades you haven't entered yet. Therefore, students' grades are calculated as if that assignment didn't exist. However, when you publish grades to Banner, those dashes are replaced with 0's, and so your students' grades are lower than they were in Canvas. Even if you want dashes to be replaced with 0's because the students didn't complete the assignment, the students may become upset because Canvas says they have, for example, a B+, while Banner shows that they have a C. To fix this problem, you simply need to replace dashes in the grade book with a 0 or whatever score your students earned before publishing grades.

Screenshot of replacing dashes.

Unmuting Assignments

Muting an assignment hides your students' scores for that assignment, which means that the overall grade they see is calculated as though the assignment didn't exist. However, your grade book will show the accurate grades for your students. If you publish grades to Banner without unmuting all of your assignments first, muted assignments will not be included in your students' final grades, and your students will not receive credit for those assignments. You will know that they did not receive credit for a muted assignment because Banner grades will not match Canvas grades. To avoid this problem, unmute all assignments before publishing grades to Canvas. Review the image below to see how to unmute assignments.

Screenshot of unmuting an assignment.

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