Student View allows you to see what your students see when they access your course.

Step 1

Log in to your Canvas account and choose the course you want to view as a student.

Screenshot of the Courses menu.

Step 2

Select Settings in the left-hand pane.

Screenshot of the Settings tool.

Step 3

Select Student View in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Student View button.

A pink box will appear around your screen to indicate that you are mostly viewing the course as your students will. You can now navigate through the course from the viewpoint of a student.

As you navigate through the course, you can take quizzes and submit assignments as though you were a student. The data will be saved under Test Student, which you will see when you stop using student view. To start over and get rid of all of the data you have created for the Test Student, select *Reset Student *in the bottom right corner.

To stop using student view, select Leave Student View to go back to the instructor view.

Screenshot of student view.


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