1. Why Was My Profile Picture Was Removed?
  2. How Do I Set My Notification Preferences?
  3. How Do I Get Help with Canvas Related Problems?
  4. I Just Registered for a Class. How Come I Can't See It Yet?
  5. I Just Withdrew from a Class. How Come I Can Still See It on Canvas?
  6. How Do I Download the Canvas App for my iOS or Android Device?
  7. How Do I Check My Grades?
  8. How Do I Submit A File as an Assignment?
  9. How Do I Know When I Turned an Assignment in Successfully?


1. Why Was My Profile Picture Was Removed?
A: Profile pictures must follow a set of guidelines, and so it will be removed if the guidelines are not met. Your picture must be a current photo of you— not a cartoon or character, icon, etc. Your face must cover at least 70% of the photo so that when it is re-sized to fit the icon space, it can still be seen. The point of profile pictures is to match names with faces. Thus, they are helpful for professors as they learn names and/or recognize you in and out of your online courses. You can read the rest of the guidelines at https://help.suu.edu/article/1937/profile-picture-uploading-issues.

2. How Do I Set My Notification Preferences?
A. To set your notification preferences, first select your name in the upper right-hand corner of Canvas, you will be taken to your profile page. Select Notifications in the toolbar on the left. You can choose to receive notifications through Facebook, email, text messages, etc. You can also personalize how often you get notifications for specific changes. For example, you can receive notifications for grade changes weekly, but receive course announcement notifications daily. For more information on notification preferences, go to https://help.suu.edu/article/1760/notifications-and-contact-methods.

3. How Do I Get Help With A Canvas Related Problem?
A. First and foremost, you should contact your professor when you have a problem. Usually, most issues that involve Canvas can be fixed by your professor. However, when the problem is beyond them, you should contact Canvas support. You can email Canvas support at canvas@suu.edu or call at 435-865-8555.

4. I Just Registered For A Class. How Come I Can't See It Yet?
A. When you register for a class, you may have to wait up to 48 hours before you can see and have access to the course. If it doesn't show up after 48 hours, it's possible that the course hasn't been published yet. You should contact your professor at that point.

5. I Just Withdrew From A Class. How Come I Can Still See It?
A. When you drop a class, it is removed from Canvas. However, a withdraw is not removed from Canvas. You are still withdrawn from the class, but you will continue to see it. However, you can customize your course viewing preferences so you do not see it. To do so, hover your cursor over the Courses tab on the top of your page. In the drop-down menu that appears, select the blue View All or Customize link at the top. Deselect the star next to the name of the course that you no longer wish to see.

6. How Do I Download the Canvas App for my iOS or Android Device?
A. If you have an iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) or Android device, you can download the Canvas app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more details about downloading the app for iOS devices, select the following link: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-1658 For instructions on downloading and accessing the app for Android devices, go to https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-1548.

7. How Do I Check My Grades?
A. To view your grades, select the Grades tab in the toolbar at the top of Canvas. You will be taken to a page that shows your overall grade for each course. Select a specific course to view all of the scores for that course. You can also set up your notifications to send you alerts for changes in your grades. For more information on how to check your grades, go to https://help.suu.edu/article/1916/grades.

8. How Do I Submit A File As An Assignment?
A. Open the assignment in Canvas you would like to turn in and then select Submit Assignment in the top right corner. Browse for and open the file and then select Submit Assignment. Select the following link for more information about assignments: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10668-421254356.

9. How Do I Know When I Turned In An Assignment in Successfully?
A. When you have successfully uploaded an assignment, you will see a big green checkmark next to Turned In! in the Submission box in the top right corner.

Tips for Canvas

  1. Get Canvas help at support@suu.edu and 435-865-8200.
  2. Access Canvas on the first day of class. However, you may have to wait up to 48 hours after registration for all of your Canvas courses to appear.
  3. Read the Student Canvas Orientation: https://suu.instructure.com/courses/166813
  4. Set up your communication preferences through Notifications via your Canvas profile.
  5. Follow the guidelines for setting up your profile picture: http://help.suu.edu/suuonline/help/299/
  6. Canvas works best with Firefox and Safari. Chrome plays well sometimes. Internet Explorer is not to be used.
  7. Always explore your Canvas courses extensively; each course is different.
  8. Turn in assignments at least an hour before the deadline. Check back to make sure your assignments were submitted successfully.
  9. Got a mobile device? Try the Canvas by Instructure app.
  10. Don't wait until the last minute to complete assignments in Canvas! Give yourself some wiggle room in case you have any technical issues and need to seek assistance.
  11. In order to get your Canvas problems fixed faster, be as specific as possible when you contact the Help Desk. We can solve the issue faster if you give us a clear description of the issue, the course name and number, the instructor of the class, and your full name.
  12. If you don't see all your courses, ask your instructor first. He/she may not be using Canvas. Use your "Jedi mind trick" / persuasive skills to motivate your instructors to use Canvas.

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