Curious about the My Media and Media Gallery tools? Running out of file storage? This guide will introduce you to the My Media and Media Gallery tools and help you get started using them. Select the links included in the text for in-depth information on those topics.


You may experience a situation in which you need to upload audio or video to Canvas for an assignment, discussion, etc. The My Media tool is a tool that allows you to upload media to the Kaltura server and then embed the media into your course. We recommend using the My Media tool whenever possible because media saved on the Kaltura server does not fill up your limited file space.

An additional benefit to using the My Media and Media Gallery tools is that these tools also help you create media rather than just upload it. The Webcam Recording, Screen Recording, Video Quiz creator, and Desktop Recorder features give you the option to create media within Canvas and then use it in your course.

You can embed media from My Media anywhere you see this toolbar, which has the Kaltura icon:

Screenshot of the toolbar and Kaltura icon.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to use the My Media tool to submit assignments in Canvas. You can only submit media from My Media to an assignment if your instructor has set the assignment to accept Text Entry submissions. This is important because only the Text Entry option gives you the toolbar with the icon you need to embed media from My Media.

You may see the Media Gallery tool in addition to the My Media tool. The Media Gallery tool holds your instructor's media that he/she wants you to access while the My Media tool holds all of your own media.

Wait! Do you not see the My Media tool in the pane on the left? If this is the case, your instructor has not activated the tool, and you will need to contact your instructor and ask him/her to activate it.

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