Do you have a great idea to improve Canvas? Instructure, the company that created Canvas and implements functionality changes, has a process to receive input from Canvas users in order to make Canvas better.

This tutorial will show you how to

1. Navigate to the Instructure Canvas Feature Ideas page

2. Check if your feature request has already been created, and if it has, how to vote for it

3. Submit a feature request if your idea has not been created by another user

4. Share your idea with your colleagues to get more votes and increase the likelihood that your request will be put into production

5. Track the progress of the idea you voted for/created.

Once an idea is created, it becomes available for voting on the following first Wednesday of the month. The idea will then be open for voting for three months. During that time, users can vote up or down for the idea (up means it's a good idea; down means it's a bad idea). If the idea gets 100 net "up" votes, Instructure will research your idea and begin working on it if they determine that your idea is feasible. For more information on the production stages, go to How does the voting process work for feature ideas?

Navigate to the Instructure Canvas Features Ideas Page

Step 1

Log into Canvas and select Help in the pane on the left. Select Submit a Feature Idea at the bottom of the menu.

Screenshot of the Help Menu.

Step 2

You will be brought to the Instructure Canvas Feature Ideas page. Make sure you are logged in by looking in the top right corner. If you see a Log in button, select it to log in.

Screenshot of the Log in button.

Check If Your Feature Request Has Already Been Created

Step 1

Type a description of your idea in the Search Feature Ideas search box at the top of the page. A list of possible matches will appear beneath the search box.

Screenshot of typing an idea

Step 2

Read through the possible matches. If you find one that is the same as your idea, select it to vote for the idea and/or add comments.

Screenshot of selecting an idea.

Step 3

Select the Vote up button in the middle of the page to vote for the idea.

Scroll to the end of the post to the comments section and then select Add a comment to write a comment.

If your idea has been archived, meaning that it did not receive enough votes while it was open for voting, you will need to create a new request for the idea and make sure you share it with as many people as possible. Continue to the next step for instructions.

Screenshot of the Vote up button.

Screenshot of the Add a comment button.

Submit a New Feature Request

Step 1

If your idea has not been created previously or has been archived, you can create a new feature request. Go back to the Canvas Feature Ideas page and select the blue Share A New Idea button in the middle of the page.

Screenshot of the Share A New Idea button.

Step 2

Type in a title and description of your idea. Use the Mention and Attach buttons in the bottom right of the text box to add videos/images to or tag other users in your description.

Double check the Publish Location option. The default is Canvas Feature Ideas. Select Change to search for a specific audience.

Add tags to your request to make finding it easier for other users. For example, if I have the idea to be able to copy and paste assignments, I would add tags such as "copy," "paste," "duplicate," "assignment." Create a tag by typing the word/phase and then hitting Tab or typing a comma on your keyboard.

Select the box next to Add authors to enable other users to be able to edit your idea.

Once your feature request is finished, select Create Idea. Users will be able to start voting for your idea on the next first Wednesday of the upcoming month.

Go to How do I create a new feature idea for tips on creating an effective feature request.

Screenshot of creating a new idea.

Share Your Idea

You need at least 100 votes to get Instructure's attention, so share it with your colleagues! You can share your idea by selecting the Share button in the top right corner of the page your idea is on. Type in the names or email addresses of your colleagues, add a message, and then select Share. You can also just copy and paste the URL for the page into emails to your colleagues.

Screenshot of sharing the idea.

Track the Progress of Your Idea

You have three options with which you can stay up-to-date on the status of your idea. If you created the idea yourself, you will automatically receive emails in your SUU email account whenever something related to your idea changes. However, if someone else created the idea, you will have to use one of the following three options in order to track the idea.

Option 1: Bookmark

Bookmarking an idea allows you to find the link to your idea in your profile. To create a bookmark, navigate to the idea and then select the Actions drop-down menu in the top right corner. Then select Bookmark.

Screenshot of the Bookmark option.

To find your bookmark, select your profile picture in the top right corner and then select View Profile.

Screenshot of the View Profile option.

Select the More dropdown menu and then select Bookmarks.

Screenshot of the Bookmarks option.

You will see a list of your bookmarked ideas. Select the name of the idea to navigate to that idea.

Screenshot of the bookmarks.

Option 2: RSS Feed

You can also create an RSS feed for your bookmarked ideas. An RSS feed will notify you when something changes with your idea. Note that you have to bookmark the idea before you can create an RSS feed for it. In order to use the RSS feed, you must install an RSS reader extension in your browser. Refer to tutorials created by your browser for instructions on enabling an RSS reader.

On the bookmarks page, select Get a feed of this content in the bottom left corner.

Screenshot of the Get a feed of this content option.

Copy and paste the URL of the new window that opens into your RSS reader.

Screenshot of copying the URL.

Option 3: Follow

Your third option is to "follow" the idea. You can do this by navigating to the idea, selecting the Actions drop-down menu in the top right corner, and then selecting Follow.

Screenshot of the Follow option.

Once you select Follow, you will have the option to follow in your Canvas Community inbox [Inbox] and/or your SUU email address [Following].

Screenshot of the Inbox and Following options.

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