The MagicMarker app is free and useful for when you want to quickly and easily determine in the classroom if your students meet or do not meet the expectations of an outcome. This app is advantageous for situations in which specific grade percentages are not appropriate.

Step 1

You will first need to create the outcome of which you are going to evaluate your students in your actual Canvas account. For help, select the following link:

Step 2

The following steps will show you how to download, set up, and use the MagicMarker app. First, tap your App Store app and search for MagicMarker. You must search for it as one word in order to find the right app (MagicMarker, not Magic Marker).

Screenshot of the App Store app.

Step 3

View the following image to ensure you found the correct app. Tap GET and then INSTALL.

Screenshot of the Get button.

Screenshot of the Install button.

Step 4

Find and open the MagicMarker app and tap it. Then type in

Screenshot of the MagicMarker app.

Screenshot of the URL.

Step 5

Type in your login information and tap Sign In.

Screenshot of the Sign In button.

Step 6

If you are on your own device, select Remember my authorization for this service. Then tap Log In.

Screenshot of the login window.

Step 7

Tap the course for which you want to assess students in the pane on the left. Tap the + to create a new group.

Screenshot of the + button.

Step 8

Type in a Table Name and then tap Save.

Screenshot of the Table Name window.

Step 9

A new window will appear. Select the students whom you want in the group. Then tap Save.

Screenshot of the Save button.

Step 10

Tap the circle in the top right corner to select the outcome(s) for which you want to assess your students.

Screenshot of the circle icon.

Step 11

Tap the correct outcome(s) and then tap Save.

Screenshot of the checkmarks.

Step 12

Swipe a student’s picture up to record that he/she passed the criteria for the outcome. Swipe the picture down to record that he/she did not meet the requirements. To mark the entire group passed or not passed, swipe up or down (respectively) on the box with the name of the group.

If you selected more than one outcome to assess, swipe the blue bar at the top to the right or left to switch between outcomes.

Screenshot of using the MagicMarker app.

Step 13

Tap a student's picture to view the information that has been recorded for that student.

Screenshot of the student's picture.

Step 14

To add more students to a group, tap the person icon in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the person icon.

Step 15

To rename or delete a group, go back to the screen on which you selected the course and then tap the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the group. On this page, you can also email the outcome data to yourself or another user. To do so, tap the share icon in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the pencil icon.


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