The Adobe Connect Mobile app is free and available on both iOS and Android devices. With this app, Adobe Connect users can host, join, and share in Adobe Connect meetings, webinars, and training's anytime, anywhere..

Step 1

Go to the app store on your device and search for Adobe Connect.

Step 2

Install the Adobe Connect Mobile app.

Screenshot of the app in the app store.


Step 3

Open the Safari web browser.

Step 4

If you are the host of the meeting, create a new conference in the course in which you want to have the meeting and then select Start. (For instructions on creating a meeting, go to Create a Conference.)
If you are participating in a meeting created by another user, select Join.

Screenshot of the Join button.


Step 5

Read the message and then select OK.


Step 6

The conference will open in the Adobe Connect app. View the numbers at the bottom of the image to learn about the various features.

*Note: If you are accessing a meeting as a participant rather than a host, you won't see all of the features unless the host activates them.

Screenshot of the various app components.

  1. View the normal view.

  2. Share a document, whiteboard, or photo.

  3. View the other users and adjust their settings.

  4. View feedback from users' webcams.

  5. Participate in the chat conversation.

  6. Set your status (i.e. agree, disagree, speed up, applause, etc.)

  7. Share your webcam feedback.

  8. Connect your microphone and adjust the volume.

  9. Record the meeting, switch layouts, manage meeting cameras and audio, invite participants, or end meeting/log out.

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