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Respondus is a test making program that can be imported into Canvas. It's a program that you download and install on your computer so you can work offline. Currently Respondus is only available for Windows computers.
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Respondus User Guide

  1. How to Install Respondus
  2. How to Create a Quiz
  3. How to Create Questions in the Edit Menu
  4. How to Copy Questions Between Lists
  5. How to Use a Test Bank Network
  6. How to Import Questions
  7. How to Add Equations
  8. How to Add Media
  9. How to Publish a Quiz from Repondus to Canvas
  10. How to Use Respondus LockDown Browser
  11. How to Use the Different Question Types
  12. Standard Formatting for Importing Questions
  13. How to Export a Quiz out of Canvas

For additional resources on Respondus, visit their Video Tutorial Page

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