• As long as you have your T-Card (student ID), there is never any need to carry cash or credit cards to dine on campus.

  • Are you a Chick-fil-A fan? By purchasing a meal plan, you can prepay for your Chick-fil-A for a whole semester! (Bring on the chicken sandwiches, please!)

  • You NEVER have to do the dishes or buy groceries.

  • Commuter students don't risk losing your valuable parking space when eating on campus.

  • The most obvious advantage is the convenience of having someone else do the cooking and cleaning up, enabling you to spend more time studying and socializing.

  • Addresses the dining needs for students, faculty and staff at SUU.

  • The variety and quality of our meals often exceed anything found in Cedar City’s predominately fast food restaurants.

  • You don't have to eat ramen noodles every day.

  • It is easier to budget your money when you are on a Meal Plan. Even though your funds may decrease right before payday, you will always have access to a good meal.

  • We have convenient service hours to accommodate any schedule.

  • Our staff bend over backwards to provide you with great food and even better service.

  • Eating on campus allows you to take part in the socializing that goes on during meals, allowing you an opportunity to interact with your peers outside the classroom.

  • All meal plans can be used at every Chartwells location for meal equivalency, including the all-you-can-eat Thunderbird Circle Dining Hall, Chick-fil-A, T-Bird Grill, Papa John's, Crisp, Outtakes, and Jerry's Cafe.

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