Turnitin is a program that checks your students' submitted assignments for plagiarism.

Step 1

Select the Assignments tool and then select the blue + Assignment button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the Assignments tool.

Screenshot of the +Assignment button.

Step 2

Customize the title, description, points, assignment group, and method of displaying the grade.

Screenshot of creating the assignment.

Step 3

Select the Submission Type dropdown menu and then select Online.

Screenshot of the submission type.

Step 4

To customize the Turnitin settings, select Advanced Turnitin Settings.

Screenshot of the Advanced Turnitin Settings option.

Step 5

The following window will appear. Select the dropdown menu to select when students can see their Turnitin results. Choose the settings you want and then select Update Settings.

Screenshot of the Immediately dropdown menu.

Step 6

Change any other settings you need to adjust for the assignment and then select Save & Publish.

Screenshot of the Update Assignment button.

View Turnitin Results

To view the Turnitin results for your students' assignments, open the assignment and then select SpeedGrader in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the SpeedGrader option.

Select the Turnitin icon in the top right corner. The icon displays the similarity percentage.

Screenshot of the similarity percentage.

*NOTE: You may have to wait several minutes for the originality report to be generated. When you first look at the assignment, you won't see an icon at all, but after a few minutes a clock icon will appear. After you wait a few more minutes, the clock icon will be replaced with the similarity percentage icon.

Screenshot of the clock icon.

The similarity percentage icon takes you to the Turnitin website to view the originality report. The similarity percentage is displayed in the top right corner. The highlighted in red matches text from another document. Select the number above it to view the other document. Select the title of the other document to go to its source.

Screenshot of Turnitin.

Customize Turnitin Review

At the bottom of the pane on the right side of the page you will see three different icons. Select the funnel icon to customize what is included in the originality review.

Screenshot of the Filters and Settings pane.

Once you have finished changing the settings, select Apply Changes.

Screenshot of the Apply Changes button.

To exclude certain sources from the originality report, select the circle icon next to the funnel icon at the bottom of the pane.

Screenshot of the circle icon.

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