Two-factor authentication means that an employee must have a second factor (something physically in your possession) in addition to your campus username/password. This second factor can either be a smart device, like a mobile phone or tablet (something that can run an app), or a hardware token like a FOB or Yubikey. This second factor must be with you in order to successfully authenticate to protected systems. It is tied to your login, not to a specific computer. Therefore, whether you are on-campus, at home, or half-way around the world, you'll need to have your second factor with you.

A smart phone is by far the most convenient. You can self-enroll your phone by going to the following web page: [] ( "Duo Enrollment"). After you enter your mobile number, you’ll receive two text messages, the first is to install the Duo Mobile app on your phone, and the second is the activation text. You first need to have the Duo Mobile app installed before you tap on the link in the activation text. The activation text is only good for 24-hours, so you’ll want to complete the enrollment process immediately after entering your mobile number. Here is a link to a Help page outlining the process: [] (

If you do not have a mobile device that is Duo compatible, then you'll need to have a hardware token like a FOB or Yubikey. More details on these devices, including associated costs, can be found in this [Help Article] ( "Help Article on Two-Factor Hardware Tokens"). The cost of the initial token will be covered by your department. Please contact the administrative assistant for your department for details in ordering a token.

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