This tutorial will show you how to link or embed files from your Google Drive into Canvas.

Your students will not be able to edit embedded files, but they can edit linked files as long as you make it editable through the Share settings within Google Drive. Keep in mind that if you allow students to edit a shared file, all students will be editing the SAME file. For more instructions on sharing Google Drive files, to go the Share Files and Folders tutorial created by Google.

You can share a file from Google Drive with your students by embedding or linking the file anywhere you see the following toolbar:

Screenshot of the toolbar

This toolbar is available in announcements, discussions, assignment instructions, quiz instructions/questions, and pages.

Step 1

Open the page/assignment/etc. onto which you want to share the file. Next, select the purple V to open a dropdown menu to view additional icons. Then select Google Apps LTI.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu.

Step 2

Scroll through the new window that opens to find your file. Select the file and then select EMBED or LINK at the bottom. Embedding the file will insert the file into Canvas. Linking the file will create a link in Canvas that takes your students to the original file in Google Drive.

Screenshot of the Embed and Link buttons

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