This tutorial will show you how to add a file from Google Drive to a module.

Step 1

To add a file from your Google Drive to a module, select the Modules tool in the pane on the left and then select the + button in the top right corner of the module to which you want to add the file.

Screenshot of the plus button.

Step 2

Open the Add dropdown menu and select External Tool. Scroll down and select Google Drive.

Screenshot of selecting Google Drive.

Step 3

Search for your file, select the file, and then select SUBMIT. The window will then close automatically.

Screenshot of selecting a file.

Step 4

Select Add Item in the bottom right corner of the window you now see.

Screenshot of the Add Item button.

Step 5

Your file will then be inserted at the bottom of the module. Publish the file to make it accessible to your students.

Screenshot of publishing the file.

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