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If you do not act on the information in this message, you will lose access to mySUU and Canvas on March 8, 2017. This will affect your ability to submit time sheets through mySUU and access course material via Canvas.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) was rolled out last year to all full-time employees of SUU. It was mandated by the State Board of Regents as a way of better protecting personal information collected and used by the University. As a continuation of that initiative, we are now rolling out two-factor to all individuals paid by the University, including student employees. While we understand that this will cause some inconvenience when logging into some SUU systems, it will provide greater security for your personal information, such as direct deposit and tax information.

Two-factor authentication simply means that you will need to use a physical device, like a smartphone or hardware token, in addition to your password to now log into campus resources, including the mySUU portal and Canvas. Using your smartphone will be the easiest and most convenient method, but for those who don't have a smartphone, you will have to use a hardware token. Please contact the person who approves your time if you need to obtain a hardware token.

To enroll with your smartphone, simply visit: [] ( You will enter your mobile number, after which you'll receive two text messages. The first will have a link to install the free DUO Mobile app for your device (available for both Android and iOS), and the second will have a link that will activate your device after you have installed the mobile app. Once you have activated your device, you are enrolled. Here is a link to a Help page outlining the process: [] (

Our goal for enrolling all of our employees in two-factor is March 8th, 2018. If you are not enrolled by that date, you will lose access to mySUU and Canvas. Please enroll early so as to avoid any potential access issues. Once enrolled, you will need to have your second factor in your possession whenever you attempt to log into protected applications and services. If you forget your device, or for any other questions or issues, please call the IT Help Desk, 435-865-8200.

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