This tutorial will show you how to give extra credit to your students. You have two options: an assignment worth zero points or a separate assignment group for extra credit assignments.

Assignment Worth Zero Points

This extra credit method is exactly as it sounds. Create a new, separate assignment and adjust the settings to fit the assignment. However, regardless of how much extra credit you want to give your students, set the point value to zero. When you grade the assignment, give your students the number of points they earned (0, 5, 10, etc.). Setting the point value of the assignment to zero increases the grade percentage for the students who earned extra credit but doesn't penalize the students who did not earn extra credit.

Screenshot of the gradebook.

Assignment Group

This extra credit method requires that you create assignment groups and set grade weights for each group. Go to this tutorial for instructions on creating weighted assignment groups: How do I weigh the final course grade based on assignment groups?

Once all of your assignments are in weighted groups that add up to 100%, create a new assignment group for extra credit assignments only. Set the weight of this assignment to 1%, 5%, etc. based on the impact you want the extra credit to have on your students' grades. Now add your extra credit assignments to this group but set the point value to 5, 10, etc. but NOT zero. Now you can grade this assignment like you would a normal assignment. However, students who did not earn extra credit will not be penalized even though they received a zero on an assignment because you weighted the assignment groups.

Screenshot of assignment groups.

Screenshot of the gradebook.

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