Using Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Now that you have successfully enrolled your mobile device in Two-Factor Authentication, the next time you access the mySUU portal, or any other application that is Two-Factor enabled, you should be presented with the follow web page after entering your username and password. duo-send-prompt2-border.jpg

  2. If you click the "Push" option, you should see a notification similar to the following appear on your mobile device. You may need to wait a few seconds for the notification to appear. home-screen-prompt-border.jpg

  3. Once you acknowledge the notification, you will be presented with an option to either Approve or Deny the request. duo-prompt-border.jpg

  4. Once you tap "Approve," you should now be authenticated.

  5. You also have the option of entering a Passcode. This is if you have a hard token, or use the Duo app to generate a Passcode. duo-send-prompt-border_Gp8vXuQ.jpg

  6. Simply push the button on the hard token, or go to the Duo app and tap the Key icon next to SUU. Enter the 6 digit number into the box and click "Log In." You should now be authenticated. The 6 digit number is only good for about 60 seconds. So if you get distracted before you have a chance of entering in the number, you'll need to generate a new code. code-generate-border.jpg

Should you experience any issues with the use of DUO, please see the [Help Article on Issues with Duo] ( "Issues with Duo").

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