Duo Enrollment How-To

  1. Navigate to the [Duo Enrollment] (https://my.suu.edu/accounts/duo "Duo Enrollment") page. You may have to login with your credentials if you are not already authenticated to the mySUU portal.

  2. Enter your mobile number and click the green 'Enroll' button. 2fa-enrollment-border.jpg

  3. After a valid number is input, you should see a "Successfully created Duo account!" message. 2fa-success-border.jpg

  4. You should shortly receive two text messages on your mobile phone. 2-text-messages-border.jpg

  5. Open the text that reads, "To install duo mobile please click here" and click the link. install-text-border.jpg

  6. The link should take you to the "Google Play Store" or the "Apple App Store". Follow the appropriate steps to install the app for your device. google-play-store-border.jpg

  7. After the app is installed, go back to your text messages and open the second text that reads, "To activate the app, tap and open this link with Duo Mobile." After you have opened the message you can click on the link provided and your device should register with your Duo account. sucess-border_JC0R55H.jpg

  8. You are now successfully enrolled in Duo Two-Factor Authentication. Now see the page on [Using Two-Factor Authentication] (https://help.suu.edu/article/1486/using-multi-factor-authentication "Using Two-Factor Authentication").

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