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The SANS system has been replaced with a new early alert/predictive analytics system (SUU Link). There are some important differences to note.

For now, the SUU Link system does not send a message to students. Please use other means (email, Canvas message, etc.) to contact your students about missing assignments, attendance, etc.

Use the SUU Link system when:

  • you would simply like to inform an advisor about a student (so they may use the information in regular holistic advising sessions with the student or note similar issues with other faculty).
  • your interventions have not produced results and perhaps an academic or outreach advisor should follow up with the student.

In your comments, please note

  • actions you have taken to address the situation, and
  • whether you are submitting the alert as an FYI (so that it may be helpful in future holistic advising sessions with the students) or if you would like an advisor to take action by contacting the student.

Link Guides.

Quick Guide to Alerts & Progress Reports

User Guide Alerts & Progress Reports

Link Faculty intro video.

LINK Student intro video

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