This tutorial will show you how to enable Turnitin for an assignment. Turnitin is a program that compares your students' submissions to information on the internet and other papers that have been submitted to Turnitin.

Step 1

Open the course in which you are enabling Turnitin and create a new assignment or open a pre-existing one. Select the Edit button.

picture of the assignment you are using Turnitin for.

Step 2

Scroll down to the Submission Type dropdown menu. Select External Tool.

Picture showing where to find the submission type drop down

Step 3

Select the Find button.

Find button on external tool

Step 4

Scroll down and select Turnitin LTI API. Then select the blue Select button.

Turnitin in dropdown of external tool

Step 5

Customize the other settings of the assignment as applicable to this particular assignment. Then select the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

Save Button

Once you save the assignment, you will be taken to the Turnitin Assignment Inbox. If none of your students have submitted their assignments yet, you will see a message telling you so. If any of your students have submitted their assignments, you will see details for each submission.

Picture showing what you will see with or without submitted assignments

Step 6

To adjust the Turnitin settings for the assignment, select the button with the three lines in the top right corner and then select Settings.

Picutre showing where to adjust Turnitin settings

Step 7

The Max Grade, Start Date, and Due Date options will reflect the settings you set in the Canvas settings for the assignment.

  1. To select a date when your feedback will be released to your students, select the calendar icon beneath Feedback Release Date.
  2. If you have any additional instructions for the assignment that you did not type in earlier, you can type them in the instructions box.
  3. To allow students to upload any type of file, select Yes under Allow submission of any file type. Select No to restrict file types to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Postscript, PDF, RTF, HTML, WordPerfect, Hangul, and OpenOffice.
  4. Select Optional Settings to open more options.

Picture showing optional settings

Step 8

The following image shows the settings available under Optional Settings. Read through the following options and change any settings to suit your preferences. Hover your cursor over the blue question marks for more details about the option.

Make sure you consider the Allow late submissions? option. If you do not set a lock date in the Canvas settings for the assignment but the Allow late submissions? option in the Turnitin settings is set to No, your students will not be able to turn in their assignments after the due date.

Select Submit once you are finished changing the settings.

NOTE: GradeMark is the grading system used within Turnitin, and PeerMark is the peer review system. Turnitin also has its own rubric system. However, we recommend using the Canvas grading, peer review, and rubric functions instead because SUU Online can provide better support for them.

Picture showing settings

Note: For instructions on features you can use in Turnitin see the tutorial [Faculty] Turnitin Features.

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