Open a up a browser and navigate to


Login using your SUU credentials. At this point, you will receive a Duo Push to your device. The VPN will attempt to automatically install the VPN client. However, in the event that the AnyConnect Client fails to install, manually download it by clicking the blue “Anyconnect VPN" link.


After downloading the AnyConnect VPN Client, you will need to launch it by clicking on the downloaded file.

In Chrome it is located at the bottom left of the window.


In Mozilla Firefox it is located under the Downloads arrow next to the search bar:


In Internet Explorer click run in the pop-up box at the bottom of the window:


Once the installer is launched continue to click next and accept the License Agreement until the installer has completed. Once done, click "Finish."


After you locate the newly installed software in your Start Menu, click it to launch.


Enter "" and click “Connect”.


The next step is to enter your SUU credentials. The VPN does require two-factor authentication for campus employees. In order to accomplish this, when you enter your password you have to append a comma (","), and then the 6-digit passcode generated by your FOB or the Duo Mobile smartphone app. So if you push the FOB button or tap the key icon in the Duo Mobile app, and get a code of 123456, and your password is "springtime", then your password for the VPN would be the following: springtime,123456. If you are an individual that is not required to use two-factor, then simply enter your password as is.

Enter your SUU username and password as explained above and click 'OK'.


You are now connected to the VPN.


In order to disconnect, simply click the 'Disconnect' button.

If you have any issues connecting to the VPN, please contact the IT Help Desk, 435-865-8200,

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