The use, abuse, possession or consumption of illegal or controlled substances is prohibited within the residence halls. Being under the influence constitutes possession. Likewise, the misuse, abuse, or unauthorized possession, sale or distribution of prescription or over-the-counter drugs is also prohibited. Possession of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited. Violation of this standard will subject you to removal from the residence halls and referral to the Vice President for Student Services office for further University action. Drug possession may include:

  • The physical presence of drugs in your assigned residence hall room;
  • Holding or transporting drugs on University premises;
  • Your presence in any room or area on University premises where drugs are available;
  • Purchasing or procuring drugs and subsequently selling, giving or furnishing drugs to another person in and around your residence hall;
  • Being under the influence of drugs is considered to be in “possession”;
  • Physical presence of drug paraphernalia with or without drug residue on your person, your guest’s person or within the belongings located in your room;
  • Growing or making drugs; and
  • The discernable odor or scent of drugs.

Additionally, use of natural or synthetic compounds (including but not limited to: Salvia, Spice, bath salts, chemicals, gases etc.) to achieve hallucinogenic mind-altering side effects is a danger to the individual and community and therefore prohibited in the residence halls.

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