This tutorial will show you the correct format for importing true/false questions into Respondus. Build your quiz as a .txt, .rtf, or .doc file.

First, specify the point value for the question. Type Points: followed by the points that the question is worth. If you want all of your questions to be worth 1 point, skip this step.

Hit enter to start a new line. To include a title for your question, type Title: followed by the title for the question. Specifying a title is optional, and so Respondus will automatically use the first 20 characters of the question wording for the title if you want to skip this step.

Hit enter to start a new line. Type the question number followed by either a period . or a parenthesis ). Next, type the question wording. Be sure to put a space between the . or ) and the first word.

Hit enter to start a new line. Type a followed by a period . or parenthesis ) and then type True or T. Hit enter and type False or F. You must put the True option first in order for Respondus to recognize the question type as True/False. Type an asterisk * before the letter of the correct answer.

Screenshot of true and false format.

For additional Respondus help and information, go to http://respondus.com/products/respondus/demos.shtml

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