• Software to be installed in a lab for the start of the semester must be completely delivered (media and licenses) to the appropriate IT person no later than March 15th for Fall Semester and October 15th for Spring Semester. In the case of downloadable media, the credentials necessary to download the media must be delivered to the appropriate IT person at those same respective times.

  • To request software for the computer labs, faculty must fill out this form Software Request. After the request is made, the software installation must be approved by the department chair and CIO before it will be installed.

  • After the software is approved, the faculty will be notified of a test computer that has the software installed so they will be able to verify the software and settings during the month of April for Fall semester requests and November for the Spring semester. Configuration changes must be submitted to the appropriate IT person during the testing period.

  • Software must be fully licensed.

    • No trial software will be installed in labs.
    • When software is installed in a lab it must be licensed for all computers in the lab, and not a sub-set. We image labs all at once, so all computers within a lab will be configured identically.
    • The exception to this is software that uses a network license server. With a network license server, the software is still installed on all computers within the lab, but the license server checks out licenses to each PC as the software application is launched. This allows us to still install the software on all computers in the lab even if there are fewer licenses purchased than machines in the lab.
  • Only one version of a software package, typically the current version, will be installed on the computers in any given computer lab.

  • Any custom installation instructions should be communicated at the time the media and licenses are delivered. In absence of instructions regarding custom installations, a "standard" or "typical" installation will be performed.

  • When delivering the software and licenses, instructions should be provided as to which lab(s) the software should be installed in. It may not be possible or practical to have every software package in every lab.

Software Request

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