Text Message Setup

What's Involved?

  1. You enter your phone number in mySUU.
  2. We send you a text message with a verification code.
    The text message should arrive within 5-30 seconds and the text message will come from the number 32483
  3. You enter that code in mySUU to confirm that the phone number you entered really does belong to you.
  4. That's it. Once set up, you will receive text message notifications in the event of a campus emergency. You may also choose to receive other types of notifications by adjusting your mobile settings in mySUU.

I already entered my mobile number in mySUU in the past

SUU has a new, more reliable system for sending text message notifications. Even if you entered your mobile phone number in mySUU in the past, you will still need to go through the text message opt-in process to be part of the new text messaging program.

What kind of text messages will I get?

By default, you will be added to a list that will be notified in the event of a campus emergency. You will also have the opportunity to receive other text message notifications by adjusting your settings in mySUU. Additional notifications are optional and are not enabled by default.

What phone number will text messages come from?

The phone number you will receive text messages from is 32483. This number is called a "short code." When you receive your verification code, be sure to add SUU's short code to your address book in your phone.
Standard text message rates apply.
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